Finger Pointing and Fault-Finding

Obama claims it’s all Bush’s fault.  Romney claims it’s Obama’s fault.  Before then, Reagan blamed Carter.  The only change is the direction of the finger and the intended target. It has been happening since the United States of America was a colony on the edge of the explored world.  Finger –pointing and fault-finding are an American way of life, and if we don’t steer away from the bickering, our nation will founder in cynicism and despair.

I want to be the first American to support any candidate that refrains.  That’s right:  Someone who has the backbone and character to stand up for what they believe, and has real solutions to our problems.  We don’t ask for much, and our elected officials owe us that one prerequisite to their continued leadership.


Telling us that the problem is someone else’s fault will never satisfy.  We need to have an honest confrontation with ourselves, and we need to tell them what we want. If we wait for elected officials to pull us out of this quicksand of despair, ( a concept similar to saving a drowning man by dunking his head under water while you think about what you should do to save him), we are doomed from inaction.

This idea is a quantum shift in our national politics, and our elected officials are not going to appreciate us citizens interrupting their re-election efforts to address important things that are happening to us and our families.  But, persist we must.  We’re rapidly entering survival mode.  When our nation enters the realm where our survival depends on our actions in solving the problems that confront us, we Americans do great things.  Always have, always will.  But sitting back and watching the chosen ones (That’s us.) be led by buffoons (That’s most of the people we elected to lead us.) is destructive and disastrous, and that is where we find ourselves.

The rest of our elected officials, and the wannabees who are audacious enough to try to knock an incumbent off of the exalted perch to which we voters elevated them, don’t have a clue.  Politics is the only profession where someone with no job qualifications can spend other people’s money to attain a job that pays less than the cost of getting there.  We don’t look at qualities of leadership.  We look at their hair, and their ability to work a crowd.  We don’t spend much time looking at their accomplishments in life before seeking office.  We don’t even listen to their speeches.  We choose to get our information from CNN, or Fox, who digitize a portion of information that aligns with their approach to life in America, or diametrically opposes it, to feed the talk shows with the subject of the day.

In an age where we receive a continuous loop of information that is delivered electronically to our many information sources 24/7, we are bombarded by information, and the line between information and misinformation has blurred and obscured our ability to discern.  At its base, we have reached the point of non-belief.  Belief and misbelief have retired to the past. Non-belief is the receipt of too much information to the point where we receive it, but have no chance to evaluate it before we are bombarded with new and potentially conflicting information.  We are becoming information zombies from the overload.

This brings me back to the premise for this writing.  When you have heard from the multitude of the unqualified who will be running for office between now and 2012, and they choose the issues which they want you to be distracted to, who are you going to vote for?  You could pick the woman who matches your clothing style, the rebel who agrees that smoking pot never hurt nobody, the snappy dresser, the one with good hair, the one your preacher told you to vote for, or the one that stands up, and says, “This is how we’re going to solve this problem.”  Our prosperity, and our ultimate survival, depend on your decision, America.  Choose for the right reasons, and choose a leader.

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