It’s halftime, America.

My favorite teams didn’t make it to the Superbowl, so I was more interested in the commercials than the outcome.  The one that had an emotional impact on me was the Chrysler commercial that aired at halftime and featured Clint Eastwood.

I grew up downriver from Detroit, in Trenton, which was  and is known as a “bedroom” community.  It was a place where auto workers and suppliers to the auto industry went home to, to raise their families and live their lives.  The images in the commercial brought back memories of the way things used to be in Detroit, when American cars were the best in the world. It was heartbreaking to me to see the Motor City looking like a ghost town, and empty lots where the steel-making plant used to light  the night sky red.

The people who were employed in the auto industry made up one in every five jobs in America.  If a business in Detroit was not making plastic parts or glass or rubber or steel that went into cars and trucks, it was supplying basic needs to auto workers and their families.

It is time for America to bring our jobs back home.

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