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 If you remain unconvinced that the Obama administration is quietly selling  American jobs to foreign interests, take a look at the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free trade agreement that is being negotiated with China and several other Asian countries.   Historically, American businesses have been given preferential treatment in the bidding of federal contracts, in the interest of awarding those bids to American businesses.  If it is not apparent to Mr. Obama, the awarding of Federal contracts to Americans keeps American workers working.  But a provision in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement gives all members of the partnership the same privileged status as American businesses.  That means that Americans will be bidding against the Chinese for the same contracts.

Today, 68 Democrats and 1 Republican member of Congress sent Mr. Obama a letter protesting that provision of the agreement, arguing that American jobs would suffer.  It makes you wonder whether all of those campaign promises to put Americans back to work are a smoke screen for what is really happening to America; the dismantling of American enterprise and the creation of a second-class nation.

The President of the United States should be the biggest cheerleader for the best of America.  The office of the presidency should transcend politics and place American interests above those of the rest of the world.  That is not happening, and we should not allow this to happen.  Sixty-eight members of Congress from the president’s own party object to this agreement, and surely more members of Congress from both parties will rally behind this revolt.

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