Find Jimmy Hoffa

Find Jimmy Hoffa

When I was a college student in Michigan in the 1970’s, there was a bumper sticker on thousands of American cars tooling down the road in the Detroit area.   “Where is Jimmy Hoffa?”  It was big news back then:  The pugilistic head of the Teamsters had disappeared after a meeting with the Detroit Mafia at a fancy restaurant named the Machus Red Fox, never to be seen again.

The bumper stickers didn’t help.  Jimmy was never found.  This powerful union leader, who had clashed with the Kennedys, done time in prison, and emerged from the experience in a return to the power he had enjoyed in his heyday, never came home for dinner.

Years went by, but the Hoffa disappearance never died.  The ongoing joke in the Detroit area was whenever a member of the Mafia wanted to build a swimming pool in his backyard, he would have one of his friends drop a dime to the FBI and swear that Jimmy was buried back there, right where the pool was intended to go.  The FBI would swoop in with a warrant, followed by the backhoes, and the next thing you knew, that guy had a pool and the press had a follow-up story on how the Hoffa saga continues.

In the past several years, and in recent days, I have come to the realization that there are some old Mafia guys who are having their jollies at the expense of law enforcement.  I have read about deathbed confessions of former Mafia Goodfellas who swear that Jimmy is buried here or there, and the FBI follows every lead, with backhoes in tow.  They dug up a barnyard, and most recently, a spot near an intersection in a suburb of Detroit.

I keep thinking.  If I just knocked off the most powerful union leader in America, where would I stash the guy?  Would it be in a barnyard, or someone’s backyard, or a few feet from a public road?  Would I ignore the fact that Michigan has more shoreline than any other state, or think that nobody will know that I am transporting his bullet-riddled body across the country in order to plant him in the foundation of the UN Building in New York City?  Why doesn’t anyone think about this?

I don’t know about you, but if I was a Mafia guy in his twilight years, and I knew that I would get my last few minutes of fame by swearing, “I swear to God, on the life of my dearly departed mother, Jimmy Hoffa is buried in my brother’s backyard, and please make sure you stay inside the lines where his pool is going.”, I would be laughing so hard that it would cough up a lung.

There are Mafia guys in Detroit who have created a legend.  Where is Jimmy Hoffa?  How many places will you believe?


Mark E. Becker writes political thrillers in the Max Masterson series.  His first novel, At Risk of Winning, is a story about a guy who is not a politician, who never makes speeches, who just happens to be running for President of the United States.  His second book, No Corner to Hide, is a story about how our renegade president deals with domestic terrorism and the attacks on the special aspects of what it means to be an American.  Stay tuned to number three of twelve, titled Scorpions in the Sand.  How will Max deal with international terrorism and the Middle East?  Stay tuned.  Go to  for more information and to order.


Jimmy Hoffa

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