I Am Detroit.

I am Detroit.

You should have seen me in my youth, forty years ago. My car companies were pumping out the best cars in the world, we were prosperous, and families made a good living.

I don’t know what happened. Cancer, I guess. People started moving away, taking their families away from the crime and stagnation. Politicians started raping the economy, and the tax collector went on a vacation. I began to feel bad, and then I got worse. After a while, I began to look sick. Big parts of me stopped functioning, and my lifeblood began flowing away.

I look like a scene in a zombie movie, but I found a new doctor. He calls himself a Bankruptcy Trustee, but he can fix me, make me strong again, and get rid of that cancer. I will live again. I won’t look the same, but that’s a good thing.

People look at bankruptcy in the same way they look at death.  When it comes to cities like me, it means life after death.

You are right.  It is shameful.  But so is the forty years of living off the government, never balancing a budget, and skimming every penny the politicians can get for their own gain.  They are not public servants.  They are public leeches.  They only care about how much they can suck from the public coffer before they are cast out of office.

Some politicians take offense to my viewpoint, but I have never had a single one of them challenge me on the truth.

Cast them all out, and make them return to making a living.  Maybe then they will understand the concept of living within your means, a balanced budget, and being accountable for your actions.



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