The Role of Politics

The Role of Politics


I know I am going to offend a lot of people who consider their role in life is to tell everyone else what to do.  I am a devout believer in the idea that government should stay out of people’s bedrooms, and they should refrain from even talking about social issues.  They are not qualified, you are not qualified, and our country has nine people who will decide how we handle it.  It is called the Supreme Court of the United States of America.  It is one of the three branches of government, and once they decide an issue, it becomes law.

No abortion talk.  That was resolved by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1973.  If you want to change that decision, then take a case before the Supreme Court that they will agree to hear.  In the meantime, don’t waste everyone’s time trying to get Congress to deal with it, and don’t give ignorant middle-aged male Congressmen the bully pulpit to tell you they can do something about it.  They can’t.

No gay marriage talk.  That belongs in the court, too, and the courts will consistently knock down state-based efforts to tell everyone what to do in their bedrooms from now until the end of time. If you feel strongly about it, put the case before the US Supreme Court, and if they decide to hear it, they will make it the law of the land.  Once they do, you will have to live with it, and there is no court above them to overturn their decision.

No efforts to stop people from praying.  Our country was founded on freedom of religion, and atheists have never had a prayer trying to keep the rest of the country from praying.  The ACLU has been banging away at keeping people from praying at public meetings, but they haven’t had their day in Washington DC, where every monument refers to God, the door of the Capitol refers to God, and the oath that every politician takes refers to God.  They should go back to defending the KKK and Nazis on their right to assemble, provided they fill out the right paperwork .  The Supreme Court is the forum to resolve this.

In essence, this message is about what government is all about.  They should read the Constitution every time they are in doubt about their role in governing this country.  Congress is supposed to pay our bills, pass a budget, and run the country.  They have not done that for the entire time Barack Obama has been in office, and they need to stop distracting the citizens of our nation .

We are entitled to better representation, and Congress should attend to their duties as elected representatives of the people.

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