Mark E. Becker has a unique view about life’s problems:  Every dispute is a challenge to be conquered, and every problem can be solved.  As a mediator and attorney, Becker has seen his share of disputes in his career.  His typical week begins with someone saying, “This case will never settle.”  Then, he mediates.  After more than 4,000 settled cases, Becker has found his niche.  He mediates for a living, settling other peoples’ disputes when he isn’t pursuing his other passion; writing political thrillers.

Mark has taken his approach to life and created a character who exemplifies the qualities that he believes people should seek when deciding to cast their vote in the next presidential election.  “Max Masterson is a guy who isn’t a politician, who happens to be running for president of the United States.  He isn’t a member of any political party, and he doesn’t make speeches.  In fact, Max doesn’t do anything like traditional politicians, and that’s why the Washington establishment is trying to kill him.”