In the second book of the Max Masterson series, our hero confronts the evils of domestic terrorism.  Inaugural Day is disrupted by a shadowy group of elites bent on preserving the status quo at the expense of the core values that make America great.  As the plot unfolds, each day brings another massive problem to be solved . Will Max stand up to the challenge or will he let his country down?  One thing is certain.  He will not deal with the threat from within in the usual way.

    Through the use of EMP devices smuggled into the United States from the old Soviet Union and by control of mass media, domestic terrorists disrupt the lives of Americans in an effort to force them to cling to the familiar world they take for granted.  Led by a lifelong member of the Washington establishment, the nameless group has one interest:  The continued dependency of Americans on the infrastructure that has made these elites wealthy beyond measure.

    The nation is forced to examine those aspects of technological society that can vanish in an instant. In doing so, they come to embrace the old values that transcend time and reside at the core of every American…if they only know where to look before it is too late.  Will Max succeed at making our country a better place, or will the forces that resist change succeed in keeping Americans dependent on the fragile grid that controls their daily lives?

    Accompanied by his girlfriend, the feisty and beautiful Rachel, and by his ever-present Secret Service, our renegade president earns the codename, Wizard, for his ability to be in one place while the world expects him to be in another.  It is a survival technique for him that has become sport.

    Max Masterson runs the presidency like he is running for his life.